Christmas in the country 2014

The Rembrandts-I’ll Be There for You/Friends Trib…:

As I enjoy watching all the seasons  of Friends on Netflix I am enjoying my gift that I received in the gift exchange!
This year I joined the Christmas in the country gift exchange hosted by my fellow Missourian Laurie link and few other lovely agriculture women.  I had such a blast doing this it was so fun looking for the gift and wondering what you would get!

I was lucky to receive a lovely fleece blanket with a neat Indian design, a Starbucks gift card, peppermint hot cocoa! It was just a cozy and warm gift basket It will keep me nice and warm in these  Missouri winters!  My gift came from Mandie Dier Thiel from Oregon I loved my gifts!  Thank you Mandie!


I look forward to doing this again this year it was so much fun!  Thanks so much I look forward to meeting you Mandie

Happy new year
Keep it real friends,
The Aggie Hipster

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