Don’t Preach to the Choir

As many of you are well aware, Missouri will be voting on an amendment that will ensure the rights of farmers and ranchers will be protected for future generations. The voting will take place on August 5th so naturally there has been some colorful discussion in regards to Amendment 1. If you are not familiar with what is happening in Missouri, please refer to my Stand Up for Missouri Agriculture Blog.

People that know me will tell you that it takes a lot to anger me and I don’t really have many pet peeves. However, I do have a huge pet peeve that is driving me crazy. First let me precede this statement with this bit of information. My mom works as a Hospices nurse; she travels a lot of back country roads that are off the beaten path. She is only on major highways going to and from her job. One evening, she comes in telling us there is Vote yes for Amendment 1 signs dotting the back roads. She has only seen a couple of these signs on the major highways.
I think it’s great if you want show your support for the amendment but let’s be honest and think who really needs to see these signs. At this rate, we are only preaching to the choir- people that already know about Amendment one and the importance it has for all farmers. AS much as I would like to have a sign, I realize that the sign will not be seen by those who need to know about Amendment 1.
When I first was working on this blog, there was not a single sign on HWY 60 from Mansfield to Springfield. Now I am noticing a few signs popping up. However, I will still contend that they are not the easiest to spot. I happen to be looking for them.
If Amendment 1 is to pass it takes more than educating the rural community about this amendment and preaching to the choir so to speak. It takes a joint effort to reach in to the city of Springfield and work on informing voters there about this amendment. I feel like this can be done though a cooperative effort with local county Farm Bureaus.

If you want preach, don’t. Use this as a teaching experience- I encourage you to do it with the people who are voting but might be ill informed on the subject… I had the opportunity to actually reach out and do this with Jerry Jacob a local TV personality in the Springfield area. He wanted to know more about the amendment and I sent him my post regarding the amendment and in return that post was shared which resulted in more people being educated on Amendment 1. Social media does have its place in the agriculture world.

Don’t preach to the choir- teach to those that need to know more about this amendment.
Sure hope this sermon was short and sweet!!!!




Don’t Forget To vote August 5th Absentee ballots are available- Missouri

Keep It Real Friends,

The Aggie Hipster


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