S is for Spring, Sperrys, Sneakers, and Shorts

S is for Spring, Sperry’s, Sneakers, and Shorts. This was an easy one to pick because all of these items go well together. Spring is here. It’s in the air and personally I feel ten times greater because I hear birds chirping and smell the essence of spring.

With spring comes the wonderful joy of flowers in bloom. Everything is greening up. Spring is my most favorite season for two reasons. One- because it is my birthday season, and two it’s just simply gorgeous especially here in the Ozarks.

The fact that is that with warmer weather all the winter clothes that go back in to storage bringing on bright colors, fedora straw hats, and my personal “faves” – Sperry’s and sneakers.

Yes, Sperry’s those dock shoes that everyone loves to wear including myself. I love my Sperry’s! The fun thing is that you can find Sperry’s in all sorts of places even the cattle barns. Sperry’s are a huge hit in the cattle barns. Each spring, I buy a new pair and wear the old pair in the barns.

Sneakers are my other “fave” thing to wear when it gets nice outside. I own converse Chuck Taylors and Vans. My Chucks consist of yellow lows to America flag hi tops and my Vans are black and blue. I have outfits that I wear especially with these, but they go well with almost anything.

I am a shorts kind of person I love wearing a T- shirt Sperry’s and shorts.

All I can say is that the days are getting longer which can only mean one thing- summer is approaching and fast!

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