R is for Rock n Roll

R is for Rock n Roll. There is nothing more that I love than rock n roll! Forget the hip-hop, pop, and country. As in the words of Bob Segar, “Just take those old records off the self and play some old time rock n roll.” Today’s music “ain’t” got the same soul.

I was raised on this music… the music of Elvis, CCR, Steve Miller Band, REO, Boston and this list goes on. I love this music.
The music referred to rock n roll has always been a kind of “stick to man” deal. I mean just pick an era of rock music and you find that theme.

The 50’s brought us the doo wop, Elvis and the twist and shake. The music of that era was light and fun. With true rock n roll and you had greasers, jocks, preps, and the music quite honestly fit the people.

The 60’s music brought with it a sign of the changing times. The Vietnam War and all the protests! The 60’s was time of change- the stick to it the man rock, the peace and love music of the hippest. The music of the 60’s perhaps is one of the best ways to understand the time of the Vietnam War.

The 70’s music was the background as the Cold War and Communism were prevalent in all these times.

The 80’s brought hair bands, awesome soundtracks, and tunes that will forever remain in my musical repertoire. I love me some 80’s boy bands…don’t judge!

Rock n roll it may change in the years to come but it will always be around because of the love that so many of us possess. We’ll just keep Rock n Roll alive!





May you never let rock n roll die friends

The Aggie Hipster





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