Q is for Quiet


Q is for Quiet. There is nothing like the peace and quiet of living on a farm in the Ozarks. I feel like I can get lost in my mind being surround by all the quiet.

I have been to large cities but I will chose the peace and quiet of small town living. No horns honking, no yelling people, no buses and no traffic noise.

All you get in the small town Ozark life is the train whistle and the sounds of the train going through the holler. You will also hear a variety of birds- wippoorwills, owls, and the mockingbirds all singing their song. Don’t forget the coyotes howling in the moonlight and the farm animals singing their songs, too.

On a country morning, there are no horns honking just the cacophony of turkeys gobbling. If you listen closely, in the summer, you can hear the sound of frogs. During gun season, one can hear the gunshots ring out through the hills and hollers. With the next sound being the phone with who shot what and where!

As you can tell, the peace of the Ozarks is a truly a place beyond what we imagine. It’s heaven on Earth. !
If heaven ain’t a lot like the Ozarks, then I don’t want to go.

Want to find your piece of mind, come to the quiet of the Ozarks!


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