W is for WTF Day Where’s The Food Without The Farmer


W is for WTF- Where’s the food without the farmer? That’s correct! As I post this blog, it’s WTF day. Let me take the time to wish everybody a Happy WTF Day and to the schools that are participating in this most awesome day, I hope you generate conversations with non-agriculture people and have a truly amazing day.

No WTF Day at Missouri State this semester but I will be there in sprit wearing my awesome WTF Shirt while walking around campus.

For those who are not familiar with WTF Day, let me explain a little bit about what this day is and what it does. WTF Day is an awesome marketing strategy because the goal of this eye catching 3 letter branding is to appeal to the urban youth and college age kids. The day itself is a way to help create conversations on campuses nationwide with a variety of college students.

I absolutely love the slogan- it’s so catchy and makes you go wow!

However, where I live people have a hard time understanding the meaning behind the shirt and that the day is about conversations. Standing out in the crowd helps people to take notice of the shirt. That within itself can be a catalyst for conversation. So WTF? Where’s the food, without the farmer? Hope you have a great and fun day.


Happy WTF DAY!

Keep It Real Friends,

The Aggie Hipster

















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