N is for nightlife


N is for nightlife, I am night owl!

Springfield is the third largest city. It’s a college town with 4 different colleges, so the nightlife is a natural fit with the large student population.
The downtown area in Springfield has bars, pubs, clubs, and all sorts of cool eating places. The downtown area is where the First Friday Art Walk takes place. There are a variety of pub clrawls throughout the year. There are also a variety of fun family oriented events, festivals, parades, and free concerts. Downtown is the place to be!!
I do not know about you nightlife but I figure that every place is the same. There is always that one place that all the Aggies gather and hang out at. Here in Springfield, it’s a country western bar- go figure!

There is always something to do in Springfield but why just limit to bars? I don’t know about you, but I love nightlife in the country.
From bonfires, to backroading, to chilling on the bed of a pickup with some cold ones, to enjoying a football game, or a late night concrete, the nightlife in the country is limitless and full of fun.

The key to an awesome night filled with fun, is surrounding yourself with an awesome circle of friends to share the evening with. The more the better!

Come visit me and we will enjoy the nightlife of Springfield and the Missouri Ozarks. Just give me a heads up so I can gather some friends.

It is time to howl with the night wolves got to go…


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Keep it real friends,

The Aggie Hipster

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