K is for kickin’ it -5k style

K is for kickin’ it – 5k style. This past weekend I had the chance to run a 5k; but 5k’s are changing from an actual run to a party in the streets. There are 5ks that involve black lights, glow sticks, zombies, mud runs, and if you can think it, there is probably a 5k for it. All of these are huge dance parties.
This past weekend my friend Melissa and I ran in the “Color Me Rad 5k”. This run had color stations to blast color on the runners as they went past. This run was a blast. One of the run officials actually had a leaf blow to spread color on the crowd before the race even began. By the end of the race, my teeth were colored! In fact, I am still getting color out of my ears.
Then we became mini-celebrities as a photographer from the Springfield news-Leader took our picture for the “faces in the crowd” section. While it WAS a run, it was more of a fast walk with a multitude of sizes and shapes. There were even strollers and wheelchairs in the 5K. The goal was to have fun while raising money for Ozarks Public Television.

By the end of the run, Melissa and I were very colorful. My mom was there to support us, although I think she was there more to laugh at our colorful attire. It was so much fun. We received sunglasses and a t-shirt. After the race, I went back to my apartment and showered and put on the Color Me Rad t-shirt. This started a lot of conversation while my mom and I were shopping at the mall.
I am looking forward to another dance party, whether it’s a color run or different kind of 5k, maybe a glow run or backlight, who knows?

Get out and exercise! Remember that there are fun events/ runs that make exercise more enjoyable. It also helps to have an awesome friend to have blast with at these runs. The Aggie Hipster has plans for more 5ks and challenges you to join in the run when a fun 5k comes to your city.






Keep it real Friends,
The Aggie Hipster

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