J is for Job

J is for Job , Since I am joining the job- search world, I have had to start preparing my resume and cover letter so I find the right job. In light of this, I am going to share some general job search tips and professional tips.

Some things that I have learned is to start the job search early, know what you are looking for in the job world, and make for sure that your resume is up to date with current awards, positions, work experience. Also when looking for a full time job, be sure not turn away from the thought of a part time job or working a summer job. While it all seems confusing the pay off in the end will be you getting that dream job!

You might be wondering what jobs I have looked at, inquired about, and my dream job would really be.

The jobs I have looked at so far consist of part time work- the farmer’s market, and the Springfield Cardinals. I have also looked at some great other opportunities.
My dream job however is being a professional agvocate and speaker, travelling to conferences and being around fellow agvocates. I would like to own my dominion name, and. Who knows what else. The future is full of endless opportunities.
What next? Well I have my resume, business cards and ready to graduate.

I need a job!


IMG_2652 1520807_260414634114285_1193173541_n

thXTVI30LE job-searching-funny-i15


Keep it real friends,

The Aggie Hipster

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