Happy birthday to My Pa

My Pa Amon would have been 91 years old today but he has been gone for 14 years. So this blog post is to wish him a happy birthday. He has a new, long time friend that joined him today in heaven today. I am sure they are reliving their days as young boys in the tiny town of Mansfield, MO.

First, let me tell you a little about my Pa Amon. He loved his Diet Mountain Dew, wore overalls and MFA hats. Depending on his health, he typically could be found in one of three places, weather depending- in his yard swing, recliner, or his shop tinkering on something. He loved his animals especially his ponies and his dogs.

I have always said that one of my favorite memories of Pa is his wagon; see my pa drove a wagon with his team of ponies. I am reminded that I should give some credit to my Pa for my deep love of agriculture because since I was little our farm has had goats (sold), ponies (sold), puppies/dogs, kittens/cats, and a lot of cattle. It was like a dream come true for any little kid. This was THE place to go to get dirty and messy.

Memories don’t fade! I have often asked my dad about Pa and we talk…. My Pa died one year before I started showing cattle. Dad and I have determined that he would have loved being at every show giving advice and talking bullshit with friends. Then our conversation always ends with my dad saying something like, “Pa would be very proud of what I am doing.” I have determined Pa Amon would be very proud of where I am at in my life, as an agvocate, carrying on the tradition of the family farm, and a true love for the animals.

Happy birthday Pa Amon! I love you and miss you!
I know you will be enjoying a Diet Mountain Dew, watching old westerns, and setting in a swing.


Keep it real friends,
The Aggie Hipster

One thought on “Happy birthday to My Pa

  1. Very nice article!!! Has anyone told you Amon was born on his moms birthday? I have a bunch of fond memories of uncle amon. call me sometime and I can share some of those with ya!!!

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