H is for hats


H is for Hats. This blog subject is probably odd, but The Aggie Hipster loves hats. There is not a time you won’t see without a hat on. I absolutely love my hats. I think own more hats than shoes which is saying a lot if you know me. I have baseball hat from the best team ever, Cardinals, to even more so the Springfield Cardinals. I have livestock hats from Drive magazine, Springfield livestock Market and various sale day hats. As I attend Missouri State, I have a Journagan Ranch hat and Missouri State University hat. I even have “insert dirty word, Mizzou” hats. I even have a beret, yes a French beret hat straight from France. My favorite hats are my I Love Farmers trucker hat- it was one of the first products I ever got from them. My other favorite hat is my Awesome Awesome Cowboy hat because it has the Brett Michaels look to it. My last favorite hat is my brand new Fedora, I love the fedora hats. I have variety of them, but this one makes me feel like I should be on beach somewhere.

I love my hats there a hat for every occasion, a hat to wear around the farm to wash cattle, a hat to wear on vacation, and a hat to wear to go out on the town with friends for a good time.
My hats say a lot about my personality and shows that I don’t care what people think! Most of the time people really dig my hats especially the Cowboy hat.

Gotta go find a new hat

1057290_10151650308804099_1210184144_n1063523_10151675970999099_1262701802_n1454468_10151979832784099_550506828_n1415713_10151980563119099_2119716315_n962936_10151681478614099_1959017081_n1068982_10151685687069099_1810881768_n1081875_10151756176944099_408171098_n1604393_10152204916709099_268657183_n1779576_10152179225264099_675570770_n1527807_10152242507129099_518266792_np5280281_281_276   p5270244_244_239OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA



Keep it real friends,

The Aggie Hipster

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