B is for Birthday

B is for birthday yes it’s the greatest day ever! I have survived another year and have been given the opportunity to seize yet another. Add another candle to the birthday cake!

Happy birthday to me! I turn 23 today, April 2nd – technically at 7:07 p.m. While my age changes, my love for my birthday has not changed since I was a toddler. When you think about it, birthdays are something we continue to celebrate, although as we get older we tend to not dwell on the actual age but celebrate all that our lives have given us. Now I love birthdays- what kid does not love birthday parties, presents, cake and ice cream. One year we even dyed Easter eggs! It was always fun to take my friends over to my Granny’s to see our latest Angus babies and the beagles!
Now birthdays are the perfect time to look back and look to the future! Last year I had started this blog and Facebook page, went through a name change on my blog and my other social media sites, too. I hosted the first WTF day in Missouri ever! I went to my first Ag chat conference and came back with a whole new perceptive on life and how I should view it. I did a vegetarian challenge to better understand the vegetarian outlook and to add new followers as well. My Facebook page is up to about 360 followers and continues to grow.

The best moment this year was getting nominated for a national agriculture advocate award and receiving honorable mention. Being in the company I was in was so great. Being recognized for my advocating efforts was even greater.

What’s next? Pass the pizza and save some cake! Lol
Cap and gown ready, set, lets go!!!!!

Have a great day
Happy Birthday to me, The Aggie Hipster!










I turn 23 just like my favorite basketball player the man MJ!


Keep it real friends,

The Aggie Hipster










3 thoughts on “B is for Birthday

  1. Way to go, Aggie Hipster and Happy Birthday!
    I’m a new follower–will follow via RSS.
    I’m also an aggie, a Christian and a Republican. My A-Z theme is Flight Terminology, but I’m also using lots of pictures of our ranches, as hubby flies to each ranch (in SE WA) to check crops.

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