Missouri is just awesome

I take exception with the Gallup poll that stated that Missouri is the 8th most miserable state in the union.  While life isn’t always fair, we do live in a state that is filled with some pretty happy people.  Maybe it’s just time for those who are always grumbling to quit being negative and do something about it.  If you are miserable, then quit feeling sorry for yourself and so something for someone else.  Paying it forward can be just as simple as a smile.  I have yet to smile at someone and not receive a smile back.  Miserable people need perspective. Life is full of choices. In order to get perspective, step out of your “misery box” and take a deep breath and smile.  It might hurt for just a little while, but scientific evidence states smiling uses less muscles that does frowning.  Now isn’t that something to be happy about?

In light of this I have deicide to come up with my own list of reasons why there is plenty to be happy about in small town Missouri. I want the Gallup Pollsters to take notice and survey a broader area of the state.

Top 10 reasons to be happy living in a small town:

  1. Benefit Chili Supper and Pie Auction – This is a common activity.  The community pulls together to help a person in need.  This is a win-win.  Money is raised and longtime friendships can be renewed.
  2. A candle light walk of 10,000 people to support the needless death of a  10 year old girl, someone’s friend, daughter, and fellow citizen.
  3. Where people you don’t even know, call you by name.
  4. The biggest weekly event is a Friday night basketball/football game.
  5. Because you are always welcome with a hug or handshake.  People genuinely care.
  6. There is no place like home.  You can always get to a city, but you cannot always find the country.  You can travel all you want, but there is no bed that is as comfortable as yours.
  7. Your friends are the best.  Many of them were in your kindergarten class or Sunday school class.
  8. Every family has an infamous story or an eccentric family member and the community loves them anyway.
  9. The town may change and even businesses may close, but the memories and people will remain vivid.
  10. Small towns encourage and support.  Faith, family, friends, and pride all make for a healthy, happy community.

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do I look like I am miserable?

Misery? Or Missouri?  I will take Missouri!

Missouri is my home and its just awesome

Keep it real friends.

The Aggie Hipster

One thought on “Missouri is just awesome

  1. I’d never trade my childhood away. I loved growing up in rural Missouri, but I knew as a kid and still know that I wouldn’t want to spend my life there. Anymore, small town America is where I like to visit, not live, but I still enjoy connecting with people who don’t want to give it up.

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