ADIOS 2013! HOLA 2014! – The Aggie Hipster’s outlook

Another year gone by- and wow what a year it has been! From the NSA leaks, to the newly created word “twerking”, to increased popularity in beards and duck hunting, 2013 has been diverse to say the least.  Other possible headlines could include the Cubs winning the World Series ha, to PETA literally dissolving and HSUS actually donating the majority of their money collected to shelters to benefit the animals!!! Last but not least, we should mention the Pope being named Time magazine’s person of the year and Adam being named the sexiest man of the year.

But you don’t want hear all that; what a year it has been for The Aggie Hipster. I started my blog in January 2013 as class assignment and wow what a ride it has been.

When I began this blog I was known as “The Adventures of an Agnerd.”  Over time, I realized that I needed to change my page to reflect my image and my blog was renamed “The Aggie Hipster” After all, agriculture is “hip”, it’s the place to be.  Being an agvocate is “hip”.  Hence, the name change.

Right now I have been very pleased looking back to when my blog started to where my blog is now! In the early stages I never imagined that I would have 33 followers on my blog in addition to being followed by so many great agvocates.  When I created my Facebook page, never in my wildest dreams did I think I would reach 100 “likes” but not only reached it- I have superseded it!  When I asked for 200 likes, it happened! Now my page is currently at 274 cresting towards 300 which just blows me away.

Also, as I reflect on this past year and on how far my blogging has come, I am proud to say that my blog has been mentioned in blog rolls by David Hayden.  I was the feature story for the Faces of Ag blog and I have been added to twitter lists.  Most importantly, I have received countless help from the “superstars” in the agvocating world. My Facebook page has reached countries that I could only dream of seeing and has been read in numerous languages.

As I prepare for the New Year, I am armed with newly made business cards with my social media information.  I have set a goal for my page to reach a 1000 likes by my birthday in April. I continue to search for fresh ideas for my blog and page, and I want to keep true to what I learned at AgChat: Have an open mind, be respectful of others’ views, and begin a new adventure of public speaking, talks, panels about agriculture and agvocacy.  I literally want my voice to be heard.  2014 is going to be the year of the speaker.  I feel confident in my public speaking abilities- thank you FFA!  I feel confident in my agriculture background, and I feel confident about myself….

Now help me find an audience!   


I hope that y’all will stick around because next year/ next semester promise to be great! Many of you may not be aware but I will graduate in May that’s why it should a great year!





Keep it real friends,

The Aggie Hipster

Happy new year my friends  may 2014 be a great and blessed year!

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