A Christmas Poem- Twas the week before finals

Twas the week before finals and all through the halls

Not a card game was going, not even in Karl’s

Reports were being written and printed with care

In hopes that professors grading would be fair

The students were cramming, both day and night

While visions of vacation were coming into sight

With Sue at her desk and Ramona nearby

The office copy machine was ready to die

When out in the hallway there arose such a clatter

We all ran out to see what was the matter

Away though the door we flew like a flash

Knocked down some freshmen and made a fast dash

The moonlight shining in the wee hours of morn

Was a constant reminder that we wished we had not been born

When what to our wondering eyes did appear

But a golf cart filled with 8 Ag instructors so very dear

With the driver so reckless and so very quick

I knew in a moment that it must be Dr. Elliott

More rapid that chickens his courses they came

He hollered and whistled and called them by name

Now Sudbrock!  Now Walker, Now Webb, Now Burton

On Remley, On Bellis. On Hudson, and Hutter

To the top of the stairs, to the length of the hall

Now line dance away with Justin Mauss, one and all.

So up to the 3rd floor the coursers they flew

With a wagon full of plants, and Dr. Elliot too

And then with a honking, we heard on the roof

The prancing and dancing of each set of boots

As we peered up while turning around

Down the stairwell Dr. Elliott came with a bound

He was dressed very professional from his head to his shoes

But his clothes were all dirty with dried leaves and roots

A bundle of presents he had over his back

He looked like Justin Sissel carrying feed in a sack

His eyes – how they crinkled and his big ole’ smile

His cheeks were all red and his nose crinkled for a while

He spoke quite a lot and went straight to his job,

Handing out Missouri state Hereford beef, And then turning with a nod

Up the stairwell he flew

Shining the banister like new

He sprang to his golf cart to his team gave a smile

And away they all drove with their finals in files

But we heard them exclaim as they drove out of sight

Happy finals week to all and to all- study all night.



By: The Aggie Hipster (Taylor Short)













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