twas the night before cattle show

Twas the night before the cattle Show

And all through the barns

Not a junior was worried

Not even one gosh darn!

The show boxes will filled from Sullivan’s with care

In hopes that the grand champion soon would be theirs

The cows were tied out and down for the night

While eating fresh hay, much to their delight

And mama with her visor

And I in my cap

Had just settled down for a short pre-dawn nap.

When out in the arena

There arose such a clatter

I sprang from my lounge chair

To see what was the matter.

Away to the door

I ran like a flash

Poked my head through the door

And was taken aghast!!

The arena was so pristine

That is shined with a gleam

Just waiting in hopes for the first contest team

When what to my sleeping eyes caught afire

But a cattle trailer filled with

8 top CAB sires.

With a business like demeanor

Yet so lively and quick, aaaaaaa

I knew in a moment it was President John Stika

More rapid than a fall heifer in heat

His courses they came

He whistled and shouted

And called them by name

Now 095, Now 1680

Now Double 04, and Pre-Destined

On Scotchcap on 036

On E161 and Midland

To the top of the pedigree

To the top of the registry

Now share your genetics

To improve the beef industry

So with the promise of quality

And consistency, too

These sires guarantee quality for me and you

With 51% black hair

Or enrolled with Angus Source

I knew that we were dealing with a great marketing force!

As I continued to stare at this astonishing sight,

I strained to hear the CAB requirements with all my might

Modest or higher marbling was one on the list

Medium or fine marbling texture was one not to miss

With less than one inch of fat

Plus, A maturity guarantees leanness, How about that?

With a 10-16 square inch ribeye

Think of a grilled steak, my oh my!

Superior muscling, no capillary rupture

Also insures consistency for the consumer

And with a wink of his eye

He reminded us as well

That modest to high marbling

Makes CAB easy to sell!

As he sprang to his cattle trailer

He turned with a smile

Remember no neck humps to exceed 2 inches, as well

No carcass weight to exceed 1000 pounds

For CAB has to be as good as it sounds.

As I heard him exclaim as he drove out of sight

CAB is the best. And to all, go get some rest!


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