Fading Memories

The oldest dog on our family farm died this past Wednesday.  Queenie, we think, was 18 years old.  Why am I writing about this?  What’s so important about this; alright dogs die. It’s a part of life. But, this dog was special! She was the last dog my Pa Amon named before he died. I knew it would be hard when Queenie died because she was Pa’s dog.  Loosing Queenie brought up many memories about my Pa, who ironically I have been thinking about a lot these days.

First, let me tell you a little about my Pa Amon. He loved his Diet Mountain Dew, wore overalls and MFA hats, and depending on his health he typically could be found in one of three places, weather depending- in his yard swing or recliner, or his shop tinkering on something. He loved his animals especially his ponies and his dogs.

So loosing the last of Pa’s dogs, it made me heartbroken knowing that there are no more animals that are Pa’s living on the farm. I saw Queenie as a connection to my Pa, like he was still here with me.  Oh my Pa has been dead for 13 years this past summer. As my mom says, Queenie is in heaven laying on the ground while my Pa is in his swing.

Memories don’t fade! I have often asked my dad about Pa and we talk…. My Pa died one year before I started showing cattle. Dad and I have determined that he would have loved being at every show giving advice and talking bullshit with friends. Then our conversation always ends with my dad saying something like,” Pa would be very proud of what I am doing.”I have determined Pa Amon would be very proud of where I am at in my life as an agvocate, carrying on the tradition of the family farm, and a true love for the animals.

I loved that dog and I will miss Queenie! Lately I can hear Pa’s voice yelling her name. I truly love and miss my Pa each day and how I wish he could be here to see me become the young lady I have become.  I know he is here with me and his memory will always be with me. It might fade from the farm but it will never fade from my heart and how much he means to me.

I credit a lot of my passion for what I do to my Pa Amon.  It was at the farm where I fell in love with agriculture and learned how to love animals so much and take care of them, weather it was puppies, kitties, calves/cows, goats or the ponies… I learned to love animals at very young age.

My Pa Amon is missed each and every day, and so will Queenie, for she left behind a lifelong beagle friend. But now Pa Amon and Queenie are reunited.

I love you Pa – Miss you

Miss you Queenie

This blog is in memory of my Pa, Amon Short, and Queenie the best coon dog ever!


Keep it real friends,

The Aggie Hipster


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