the aggie hipster challenge- day 2

This is series of blogs that will focus on my challenge of being a vegetarian for 15 days and what all I have gained, learned and eaten of course.

The hardest thing:

So I have been a vegetarian for almost 2 full days, yes 2 days. I have yet to run into any major problems yet. Ironically the hardest thing I have had to do is to explain my craziness. Yes, I love meat but this is all about gaining a better view of agriculture.

I am not doing a vegan, I will  do vegan options but I am not a vegan.


The hardest thing I have noticed is trying to explain what I am doing to my fellow Aggies and I don’t mean that in any wrong sense. The other hard thing I have noticed is that it really hard to avoid meat in anything.  I find it interesting how much food I love that I love to put meat in, from mac and cheese, to salads.

So these are some of  the hardest things I have noticed so far!

You want to hear about what I have done so far!

Today was difficult going to the Student Union and smelling everything imaginable, from burgers, to chick flia, subway, chinese, and pizza.  But day 2 was successful, eating apples, salads, and mac and cheese.

I am also very lucky to have so many people looking out for me during this 15 day challenge. I also learned over the weekend that there are so many options as vegetarian



Keep It real friends,

the aggie hipster



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