Let the invasion begin

Charlotte North Carolina, home of NASCAR, and famous for its BBQ, can now add to its wall of infamy the invasion of the Ag nerds!  This past Thursday and Friday, Ag nerds came from all parts of our great nation including Wisconsin, Michigan, California, Kentucky, Kansas, Florida, Texas and last but definitely not least, Missouri!  Why the invasion?  Ag Chat!
For those of you reading this and are not familiar with Ag Chat, it was the conference that pushed us Ag Nerds to the limit on how to better our social media skills , improve our blogging skills and learn how become a better agvocates.  With great speakers and table leaders, we were pushed to the limit on how to apply these new skills to everyday situations.And all I can say is- WOW! This conference was such a blast! I learned so much in the day and a half that I had to come back and think about all I had learned!
One of my favorite things was meeting people who I am friends with on Facebook face to face. It was so cool to meet my social media superstars, the people that I want to be like on social media, such as Dairy Carrie, Ryan Goodman, Katie Pinke, Brian Scott, Nicole Small and so many more!
One of my favorite sessions I attended was “Trolls under the bridge”.  During this session, we learned about trolls and how to deal with the trolls we encounter on social media. This session made me realize that I, too, am a troll searching for a fight on Facebook. This session gave me new insight because it helped me form a new perception on how I use social media. I learned that I am not always the most respectful of other people’s views, I am not always the most open to people’s view. So I realized I need to change my attitudes and work on being more respectful of other people’s views and being more open in other people thoughts and ideas that may differ from mine.  That, my friend is how we learn and become better agvocates!
I also attended sessions about creating more content for my blog and I came out of that session with new ideas for my blog. I also I had the opportunity to attend a round table discussion on blogging and I had the chance to ask social media superstars questions. My million dollar question was, “How can I get my name out there more?” To which they all replied, “It just takes time.”
On Friday after saying our goodbyes, the invasion slowly left Charlotte leaving the city to slowly return to normal. The Ag nerds returned to their own corners of this great nation after learning all they could about agvocating. I went back home to Springfield, Missouri and slept, looked at all my awesome goodies from the swap meet, added more facebook friends and twitter followers, and pondered on everything I learned during that action filled day and a half.

As I look back on this awesome experience, I can’t wait to go back and build on this knowledge that I learned.

I want to say THANK YOU Ag Chat, the board of directors and training committee, for putting this on; it was an absolute blast! Thank you to the sponsors of this event and thanks to Alltech. Also thanks to Dairy Carrie for taking a picture with me and making my day complete. Thanks to the many presenters, panel people, and breakout and roundtable group leaders for taking time to answer questions and being super helpful.

I look forward to the next invasion of Ag nerds where ever that may be. The people of that fair city will need an advanced notice of this invasion. They need not worry about locking their doors windows, and having their survival kit handy.  NO, this city will need to be prepared with plenty of bars within walking distance, wifi availability and plenty of plug-ins and cords.

The invasion will continue… Be prepared for the Ag Nerds folks!!

agvocate agvocate1 th4 th77 invasion

Are you prepared for the invasion?


Keep it real Friends,

The Aggie Hipster

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