Passion Driven

V-room!  Gentlemen start your engines! Vroom! And the green flag drops; and their off !!

Agriculture is my passion and it is what drives me each and every day- knowing that I am going to make a difference. As I look at my Facebook friends and my college friends, I am inspired at the different backgrounds, different aspects, and different majors. And while there is diversity, I can honestly say is that we all share that same passion, no matter where we come from and that is to promote agriculture.

Not too long ago, a comment was made on Facebook about dress in regards to farmer attire. Now let me ask this, do the clothes make the farmer? I can say that if you saw me at first glance you would not associate me with agriculture; you would probably think that I am PE major or some sort of journalism or media major. You would be shocked that I am aggie. I typically wear Gap jeans and/or skinny jeans, Sperry’s, Converse and Vans. One day while walking down the mall my aggie friend, Melissa, defined hipster. We laughed because she had described me to a tee. The only difference is I wear my Angus belt buckle.

So really do the clothes make the farmer?

In the early 80’s, the Urban Cowboy craze took over the fashion scene and made boots and hats fashion statements. Now the craze is to buy vintage.  Just the other day I was on Facebook and someone was sporting a pair of new “vintage” overalls. Do those new “vintage” overalls really explain the hard work that goes with the people that truly wear overalls for farm work?

So I ask this again. Do the clothes make the farmer? My point being that I  have the heart and soul and the passion for agriculture but my clothes don’t necessarily scream “ag major”. I believe that buying those new “vintage” overalls and claiming that they make you a farmer girl is wrong! The buyer does not even come close to understanding the passion that binds all of us aggies together from all corners of the nation. This is the same passion that drives dairy farmers to get up at 5:30 in morning, that drives row croppers to work endless hours during planting and harvest seasons, and more importantly it drives every agriculturist and farmer to provide for this nation and the growing population. The best part is that my family farm is passion driven, and agriculture has always been a passion in my family that was passed from my Pa  to my dad.

The next time you think about buying a pair of boots, or “vintage” overalls think about all of this.  It really does not matter what you are wearing- what matters is you have got the heart and soul, and passion for agriculture. I have it; and I hope and pray you find that same passion.  It’s that strong urge that makes you want to be the change and make a difference like I plan to. I only ask that you don’t judge me based on my appearance.  Judge me about my passion, because agriculture is who I am. It’s a part of me. It’s in my blood.  That’s my story and I am sticking to it.




the cool2

the cool






live life life in the fast lane with your passion


Keep it real friends,

The Ag Nerd

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