Dairy Rocks!

Happy Dairy Month!

Cheese, milk, butter, ice cream – do I really need to say more?

This Ag nerd loves cheese! Just think about that bacon cheeseburger with no cheese. I will tell you this, cheese goes good with anything. This Ag nerd loves queso and nacho cheese.  Everywhere you turn, something has cheese on it or in it. From the pizza we love, to that 3 cheese queso at Qdoba, to cheesy mashed potatoes, to Mexican food, and the always classic Mac and cheese. So we are a society obsessed with cheese…. I mean they even have cheese heads in the state of Wisconsin. So does that make us a cheesy society, ha ha?

Ice cream sandwiches, drumsticks, Klondike bars, milkshakes, sundaes, banana splits, Blizzards, Concretes are all summertime favorites. Then of course there is always classic ice cream with flavors ranging from vanilla, strawberry, chocolate, to my personal favorite- Chocolate chip cookie dough.  There are some strange flavors ranging from Cannoli to bacon ice cream to chocolate fudge brownie and even avocado! Ice cream is about as All – American as it gets. One thing I really love is homemade ice cream, especially the strawberry ice cream my mom makes.  Buying it in the store is great, but when it comes from an ice cream freezer and it is homemade there is just something extraordinary about that.  I scream! You scream! We all scream for ice cream!!

Milk – nothing beats a nice tall glass of milk. My mom recently read an article about how drinking milk will help you grow two inches and extend your life. Considering how much milk   I drink, I should live to be a feisty old ag nerd!  The nice thing about is milk goes good with anything.  I mean you can’t have double stuffed Oreos without a glass of milk or the same goes for home made chocolate chip cookies, apple pie, fresh out of the oven brownies, and cakes. Let’s not forget to mention the cereal I eat for breakfast; you can’t have one without the other. Now I am not whole milk drinker, I like my 2% milk.  I do not even consider skim milk as milk and, oh how I love, love, love chocolate milk. Milk is awesome because it helps builds strong bones and teeth, and its excellent source of calcium. So do you self a favor and have glass of ice cold milk!  Oh yeah, thank a dairy farmer for all their hard work in getting the milk to the consumer!

Got Milk?

Happy Dairy Month



cheese head

Keep it real friends,

the ag nerd

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