Thanks From the Ag Nerd

I want to thank everyone for liking my page and making it possible to reach 100. .I never would have thought this would have been  possible when I started this page. But I guess everyone can be proven wrong, so thank you!! A huge thanks goes to Megan McDowell and all the other fellow agvocates Ryan Goodman, Carrie Mess and Anthony Pannone for helping me with the little things- from sharing and promoting my page, to allowing my link on your blog, to helping me find a meme app, and finally Anthony, just being Anthony.

Thank you to everyone else for without your support this page would be nothing. To my high school and college friends, thank you for always having this Ag nerd’s back and for always being there.  My family and neighbors-thank for all your love and continuous support. To my Angus family, they say that the best hospitality is Angus hospitality; and that nothing beats an Angus event, I have yet to be proven wrong, so thank you for always being there on Facebook and at cattle shows.

My Facebook friends, whom I have never met that share the same passion as the Ag nerd, thank you for without people like you there would not be pages like this. Another huge thanks goes to some special people. Dr. Scott Vernon thank for helping me realize my path and finding my voice – oh and thanks for just being awesome, too.

I saved the best for last for without Jamie Johansen  my blog would have never taken off .So a huge and heartfelt thanks goes to you because everything the ag nerd has became is due to your public relations in agriculture class, not to mention everything I learned from that class that helped me along the way. So Jamie you are awesome, the class was awesome and I don’t think a “thank you” can begin to describe how grateful the Ag nerd is to you and the class.

Thank you Jamie!


thank you

Keep it real friends,

The Ag Nerd

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