SUMMER! SUMMER! It is every kid’s favorite time of the year; no school, no worries and no problems. For college students, it is a time of great relief where the stress of writing papers, studying for tests and completing projects is no longer a worry! Oh, and lest we forget that ever nagging fear that you lost your 20 page paper somewhere in cyberspace.

Urban Dictionary defines summer as, “The most amazing time of the year. That time where there’s not a worry in the world. A time where you can lay outside and watch the stars shine; A time of the year where you can go to the creek or lake.   You can wear shorts, and sandals. You can just lie there, in the grass and think about how perfect life is. Your hair gets lighter. And your skin gets darker. Days get longer, drinks get colder. You can listen to country music while feeling a cool summer breeze.”  Summer is… Absolutely amazing!

WOW, as I write this blog, my summer has officially started…. I have completed my first  year at good ole’ Missouri State University#gobears. NOW, it is time to GET MY SUMMER ON.

This ag nerd has an exciting plans for this summer. I have the opportunity to hone my agriculture communication skills by interning with the managing editor of Ozarks Farm and Neighbor. I am so excited for this opportunity to practice what I have learned in the classroom.  I know I will learn a lot. I also plan to take General Psychology, a gen-ed needed for my major..go figure- psychology for a communication major.

I know you are thinking all work and no play makes the ag nerd a dull person- summer is meant for fun and making memories. Well think again!

This summer I have awesome plans from chilling in my hammock, to going to baseball games #springfieldcards #GOCARDS, hanging out with friends, being around family, family fish fries,  BBQ’s, day trips, going to the lake and so much more.

The highlight of my summer will be attending fairs and cattle shows that have become an integral part of who I am.  While I am too old to show in the National Junior Angus Show, I will be heading to Kansas City, MO to help with the various contests and to enjoy the cattle show. Oh yeah, and to catch up on a year’s worth of my friends’ lives.  Next, I will be attending The Ozark Empire Fair showing a cow/calf pair in the open show.  While this show always occurs during the 5 hottest days of July, my great Angus friends make the time go by quickly. The last show of the season will be the Missouri State Fair.  This fair is always so much fun.  I would not trade it for anything.  It doesn’t hurt that the dairy parlor with the ice cream parlor is right across from the Angus Barn. (that has a/c for a nice welcomed relief from the heat) 😉

Did I mention that I love summer? I get to see friends that I only see once a year and get to enjoy the fact that school does not start until August.  Amazingly, I am not dreading going back this fall, in fact I am looking forward to it…..but for now SUMMER!







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