A Simple equation for a good time

Math has never been my strong point, but I do know  this much- the equation for a good time would look like this – GOOD FOOD + GOOD FRIENDS = GOOD TIMES.    

This past weekend, my family shared their bounty of fried morel mushrooms, fried wild turkey breast, fried and blackened fish with sides of fried potatoes, coleslaw, deviled eggs  and jalapeno cornbread.  While this may not be the healthiest way to fix these foods, “frying” is what we do best.  However, what makes all that food taste better is sharing our bounty with our friends – the more the merrier.

For example, we shared the above with a professor and her daughter visiting from Beijing China.  We also had a visiting professor from Cairo Egypt.  Add to that some dear family friends that we have not seen for a long time and we had a great time. We “exposed” our foreign visitors to some good ole’ Ozarks’ hospitality and we had fun playing with the next generation of family friends.  Grannies in their upper 80’s all the way down to a 6 month old baby, everyone was laughing.  It was especially fun to watch the 4 year old and the 10 year old go chase the kitties.  Their cultural differences were totally lost in the chase of three gray kitties.

I will admit, while we tried to be on our best behavior for our new friends visiting from China and Egypt, our real selves just popped out.  My Mom asked the professor from Egypt how she would describe the evening to which she replied “Your family reminds me of a sit-com.”    Who knows, maybe our family has the potential for a family reality show!  While I am sure that our visitors learned a lot about our Ozark Culture, I learned a lot, too.  I invited my friend Melissa to join in the mayhem, and she is still my friend, today.  Real friendship goes past what is seen to what is felt.  Everyone Sunday evening felt welcome.  By the end of the evening after some dessert of pies, cookies, and berry pound cake, everyone felt full, too.  On my way back to school, I had an epiphany…..Wonder how different the world would be if our politicians would use my math equation for solving world problems.  I know it is “pie in the sky”, but I am telling you, some fried turkey and fried mushrooms would go a long way in making a convincing argument.







Here’s to the Good Times friends

Keep it Real and Farm on,

The Ag Nerd

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