Stop the press!

From the first newspaper fresh off the press to the first radio and television broadcasts, technology continues to advance at a record pace.  Journalist, Chuck Zimmerman, made a similar remark in his discussion in my ag communication class – that there have been major changes in journalism due to the rapidly changing technology that is available to those in the communications field.  Ironically, in my media law class we discussed the topic:  Do people still read the newspaper or does the public rely more on social media? The public is busy and with so many choices of social media, more and more people are using this to stay in touch with what is going on in the world. It is evident that more and more people get their news from some type of social media whether it be an app of their smart phone or an e-edition subscription to a newspaper.


Enter Chuck and Cindy Zimmerman, fellow agriculture communicators.   They embraced the advanced technology and created AgWired an online business that covers agricultural topics.  AgWired has not only given them a livelihood but has inspired others to follow their lead.  All one has to do is go to facebook or twitter and see farm blogs and an ever increasing number of farm news sites available to the reader.  And I imagine that what we have today will only continue to get better with more advanced  technology.


More and more people depend on the web to get the latest information.  In particular, with so many people concerned with their health, many consumers use social media to learn about where there food supply comes from.  There is truly something for everyone on social media.  It is important as agvocates that we provide the most accurate information to those who are not agriculturally literate.  This is the niche that the Zimmerman’s found and promote with Ag Wired.

Today, it is facebook, Twitter, Youtube, etc, but who knows what future technological advances will bring to the public.  One thing for sure, there will be new social media that will keep us all connected with our world.  I know that I would be lost without facebook.  I really do look forward to seeing the latest ag blogs, websites, and videos on my facebook page.  Social media is my news source for current world news, politics, and agriculture updates.




Keep it real Friends,

The Ag Nerd

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