Where in the world is the Ag Nerd?

Growing up one of my all- time favorite shows was, “Where in the World is Carmen San Diego?”  I loved that show so much I even bought the computer game when I was a little older. If you are not familiar with Carmen San Diego, the gumshoes basically answer questions in regards to clues on the location of Carmen or her circle of villains. Each show something important which has been stolen whether it be the Eiffel Tower or the Sphinx – it’s something big. Watching this show and playing the game when I was younger made me dream of all the cool places I wanted to visit someday.

Jump forward about 5 years, and I am showing cattle, traveling around the nation. Granted, most of our family vacations were centered on cattle shows or leadership trips sponsored by the National Junior Angus Association.  Thanks to my cattle I have traveled to San Francisco CA, Indianapolis IN, Savannah GA, Atlanta GA, Denver CO, Fort Collins CO, Louisville KY, and throughout the big skies of Montana. That is just to name a few….

I have also traveled with my mom, flying into New York’s La Guardia Airport.  As an eighth grader, that was an eye opening experience for a small town farm girl.  We visited The Statue of Liberty, rode the ferry to Ellis Island and enjoyed a Broadway Play just to name a few of the highlights.

The summer between my junior and senior year of high school I went to Europe.  Our first stop was London, England, and then travelled down to the White Cliffs of Dover where we took a ferry across the English Channel and landed in France.  My favorite spot was walking on Normandy Beach.  From there we travelled through the French countryside and I couldn’t help but notice the agriculture of the area.  One thing I had never seen was canola growing in fields.  We finally arrived in Paris, and saw all its wonders – The Eiffel Tower, The Arc de Triomphe, and the Louvre.  We even traveled down the Seine.  Every minute I was awestruck to be able to experience all of these places I had only read about.

There are still destinations I want to travel to and my passport has plenty of empty pages.  I have often times said that I would like to live in a foreign city and many times people would ask me why I would want to leave Missouri, to which I would say I can always come home.  Is there anything wrong with wanting to explore the world?

Take a chance!  You will never know what is out there unless you dare to try!





What’s next for this ag nerd I really don’t know but I have thought about these places:



Have passport – will travel! passport


Keep It Real Friends,

The Ag nerd


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