Celebrate Good times, come on

Now one thing this Ag nerd loves to attend is a good wedding, more importantly, a good reception- it’s the party afterward that I really enjoy.  Yes, I love all that cheesy wedding reception music from “The Y.M.C.A”, to the “Hokey Pokey”, to “Shout!” and “The Macarena” to more recent music such as the “Cupid Shuffle”, “The Cha Cha Slide”, and “The Wobble. At these parties it’s a celebration

This past weekend the Ag Nerd went to a beautiful wedding followed by an awesome reception for a couple that I have become great friends with through showing Angus cattle.  My cattle showing has introduced me to some awesome friends from all over the United States.  Believe it or not, it is my awesome Angus cattle and my awesome Angus friends that gave way to another celebration… ME!   Believe it or not, 10 years ago I was so shy I just sit on my show box and watched all the fun times go by.  

Move forward and now I have friends on Facebook and Twitter, many of whom I have never personally met.  What drives us to be friends?  It is the celebration and sharing our love of agriculture.  My Mom is constantly asking, “Who is that person and how do you know them?”  And I reply back that I don’t “know them personally” but that we share a common interest in agriculture.  I am always looking for new agvocates to add to my Facebook and Twitter accounts.  I have learned so much about agriculture from social media.  I have a variety of friends from people my own age, to people who run companies and chair various organizations. We all share that passion to keep agriculture strong, viable and accessible to everyone.

So whether it be a fellow agvocate “friended” on Facebook (in hopes of meeting face to face) , my longtime cattle showing friends, or  my newly made college friends, we all have that desire to celebrate the commitment to sustaining agriculture…..and for this Ag Nerd that is what is important.  My friends matter, for without them, I would be lost!!!!!



One thought on “Celebrate Good times, come on

  1. I think this is a great comment about how you have networked with people all over the country. I really like how you tell your story of being shy and now having friends where you can go to their wedding and celebrate by having people you care about. I really like how you use the change of font color to add emphasize on parts that are important to you. I really like how you put about we have a desire as agriculture people to celebrate for sustainable agriculture. Thanks for posting and sharing your celebration!

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