The Best Birthday for this Ag Nerd!

Happy birthday to me! I turn 22 today, April 2nd – technically at 7:07 p.m. While my age changes, my love for my birthday has not changed since I was a toddler.  When you think about it, birthdays are something we continue to celebrate although as we get older we tend to not dwell on the actual age but celebrate all that our lives have given us. Now I love birthdays- what kid does not love birthday parties, presents, cake and ice cream.  One year we even dyed Easter eggs!  It was always fun to take my friends over to my Granny’s to see our latest Angus babies and the beagles!

I know when I was younger it all about the presents and the parties, but as I have gotten older I realize it is more about reflecting on what I have done over the past year and seeing what goals I have accomplished and see how many goals are left on the list to accomplish.  Of course, I still love getting money; after all, I am a poor college student. And I love hanging out with my friends.

What I have done this past year? Looking back on this birthday I realize that I have had major changes in my life…from going to a small college to Missouri State University, to changing my major, and to making tons of new friends. I was talking to Mr. Jim Bellis, Assistant Director for School of Agriculture, and he pointed that I am more socially interactive with my peers and that I am just a happier person.

To me the best birthday is this knowing that I am happy and now my smile is a genuine smile, as genuine as I am.  I am proud to be a Missouri State Bear.  But more importantly, I am proud to be Me.  As always, keeping it real…………….




enjoy my party song

happy birthdayhappy birthdayto merockdog awesomethCA0F95F5

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