top 3 things- Judi Graff aka FARMnWIFE

Our class was honored with a visit and discussion from Judi Graff aka FARMnWIFE.  She gave great ideas on how to improve our blogs.

 Here are the 3 top things I learned in regards to making my blog more appealing and attracting more followers:

#1 – I learned that I can create a website with a homepage that can include a blog as well- a       trifecta!

#2-  I learned that there is a show/hide kitchen sink “button” or icon that you can use that will allow me to have regular formatting like you would have on Word.  This would allow better eye appeal to my blog.  This kitchen sink button allows you to change font, color, make headings, etc.

#3 – I learned that you can create facebook badges for your blogs allowing people to “Like” your blog.

How will I apply or plan to apply these new ideas?

While I have used certain widgets on my blog page, I will now consider the placement of these widgets in hopes of increasing the traffic on my blog.  Another idea I plan on using will the use of headers and adding more interesting pictures to my blog making my blog easier to navigate. The other things from the headers to interesting pictures will hopefully make my about me more navigable. Who knew about the kitchen sink button.  I definitely plan on using that to make formatting of my blog easier and more appealing to the reader. Lastly, I hope to take what I have learned  to create a website for my farm to market our cattle.


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