Ag proud – happy Ag day

AG Proud

In 2009, while attending a Leaders Engaged in Angus Development (LEAD) Conference in San Francisco, I was introduced to an amazing movement that was just getting underway under the advisement of Dr. Scott Vernon. It was Dr. Vernon’s knowledge and more importantly, his passion that made me want to join I Love Farmers, They Feed my Soul (ILF). This is my story of how I have become Ag Proud and want to spread the word of agriculture to all who will listen.
It was two years after hearing Dr. Vernon speak that I had the opportunity to stand up and represent my state, Missouri, in regards to agriculture and how the media represents the field of agriculture to mainstream America. I was becoming quite aggravated at what I was reading and hearing from the media outlets and about that time ILF was starting catalysts groups. From ILF Facebook entries, I could see many states were forming catalyst groups within university agriculture departments from California, Arizona, Arkansas, and Texas just to name a few.
I was inspired to start a catalyst group from Missouri. After all, we are home to The American Royal Stock Show, The American Angus Association, The American Hereford Association, and we have many agricultural businesses located in the Show Me State. I started spreading the word for fellow young adults to join the cause of agvocating for farmers and ranchers. To my disappointment, not a single one of my friends or classmates wanted to become a catalyst. After that huge letdown, I realized that it was my time to “step up to the plate” and become the lone catalyst for the state of Missouri. Dr. Vernon encouraged me and told me that it will make a statement- Look at this young lady. She chooses to stand up for agriculture in her state- who will join her?
I went from a shy college student looking for her voice, to an ILF catalyst with plenty to say. I found my voice and use it quite frequently with blogging and agvocating to anyone who will read or listen. I especially like to reach out to urban young adults and use this forum to educate them on where their food supply comes from. I also like to attend conferences, such as the American Farm Bureau’s Young Farmer and Rancher convention to meet fellow agvocates and continue to increase my knowledge of farming and ranching.
I wanted to make a statement two years ago, and here I am writing this post! I have had so much support from fellow agvocates, from near and far. Many are older than myself and work in agricultural related jobs. I am thankful or their support. They keep me energized. I want to have the same impact on others. I strive everyday to make a positive impact on the world of agriculture. I am young, and my future has infinite opportunities. Agriculture is and always will be our best natural resource. I have been blessed to be a part of agvocating for our farmers and ranchers.
I have million reasons to be “Ag proud”, but you don’t want all of them. Here are just a few:
*I live nation that is fueled by our greatest assets, our farmers and ranchers.
*I live in an area, the Missouri Ozarks, where I can see God’s works every day.
*I am proud to live on my family farm that has been in my family for five generations.
*I am proud that with all that is said about agriculture, good or bad, I can always find fellow agvocates talking and sharing what is going on in the field of agriculture.
*I am so glad that with facebook and twitter I have been able to meet hundreds of new friends who all share my passion of agvocating.
“​*Lastly, I am very proud to say, “I AM a farmer and a third generation Angus breeder.”

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