Can’t Anybodie Spell Any More?

From the earliest days of my elementary school memories, there was always a spelling test on Friday. As the grades progressed, the difficulty of the words progressed, too. By the time I reached high school, I was brought into the computer age and became very independent on spell check. As I look back, I am not sure whether that was in the best interest of students, but for a poor speller, like myself, spell check was, and still is a god-send….to a point. It STILL takes good proofreading skills to determine if, for instance, you used the correct spelling for to, two, or too. We have all been there, or is it their? We totally depended on spell-check, turned in our assignment only to find that we had indeed used the correct word, just not the correct spelling for that sentence.

Jump forward to spring semester 2013 at Missouri State University and it seems as though spell-check did not work, nor did proofreading of information. Approximately 6000 bags were passed out from the university bookstore with the following “Missouri State Univeristy”. According to the university, many proofs were made of the book bags before the actual design was put on the bags. Then to make matters worse, it actually took some time for anyone to notice the spelling error. When the error was discovered, the bookstore bore the brunt of many jokes and criticism. Lots of money was spent basically for nothing.

Is there a lesson to be learned? I personally can’t point any fingers because of my own shortcoming with spelling. However, I can look pretty intelligent if I use my resources whether it is the spell check on my phone or computer, or just ask someone how to spell a word. At least I try and I always have a second set of eyes to proofread my paper. Maybe we should go back to the days when my parents attended Southwest Missouri State College ( I think I spelled everything correct!)


2 thoughts on “Can’t Anybodie Spell Any More?

  1. I saw this story too; it blew my mind because this mistake had to slip past so many people. It is a small mistake, but once it is printed on numerous backpacks that are supposed to be sold by a university it makes it a huge deal. I believe it’s just a testament to slow down and take your time. .

  2. I saw this article on yahoo a few weeks ago, personally i laughed. I think that these bags are a waste of money. Hardly no one actually uses the bag other than when they initially get their books anyway. most toss it in the trash. that money could be better used elsewhere.

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