Worthless Piece of Sh . . . Steak?

when it comes to steak, high-quality is the BEST.

Picture from http://tinyurl.com/a3ywtbt

A steak for me has to have flavor, juiciness, and be cooked medium rare. I prefer it to be Prime, too, or the best it can be. To me agriculture is similar … today’s agriculturists are pushing for agriculture to be the best IT can be, helped by growth and advances in technology. This makes me happy.

But Yahoo! Education ran a story a while back that said an agriculture degree was worthless — #1 most useless, actually. (Read more about what you just heard, here.)  If more people populate the world, then more food and fiber must be produced and distributed.  If more food is produced, then the land we have must be used with great care. This paradigm shift has actually reinforced what agriculturists have known all along: An ag degree is an important degree, and not surprisingly, university enrollment in agriculture programs is on the rise according to various media news sources, which you can view here, here, and here. And here.

As a new semester starts at Missouri State University, I am reminded of how many types of degree programs are offered: the basics which are not really basics = animal science, agribusiness, agronomy, and agriculture education. Let’s not forget to add wildlife conservation and natural resources.

Furthermore, agriculture cannot sustain and expand without agriculture law and agriculture communications. While it is important to grow the crops, we must also be able to market those crops and continue to protect our agricultural interests. As I have learned in my agriculture public relations class, it does not matter your background — we all have that same goal . . . to tell a compelling story about how agriculture affects us!

Politicians — and Yahoo! journalists (everyone, really, who hates on farmers and ranchers) — should take their feet out of their mouths and walk through rural America to get a REAL picture of what’s happening behind grocery stores and farmers markets.

Agriculture IS important; it is what sustains us. This need will always create a demand for jobs. Agriculture is, and will always be, the prime choice for degrees and jobs.

Rock on farm on,

the ag nerd

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